Michael Graber


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Member of the technical commission of the AIKI-KAI ZÜRICH

Aikido requires focus. You have to deal with the immediacy of the attack. Aikido teaches me to remain calm and relaxed in body and mind.
The fact that I have to get fully engaged in the very moment the martial encounter takes place spirits away any other distraction.
I am still fascinated by the clarity, the elegance and the subtle finesse of this martial art. I enjoy the pursuit of the perfect answer to the challenge of the attack I encounter.

I started practicing Aikido when I was 15 years old. First in Lucern, later in Zurich. Early teachers of mine where George Zahno, Armin Muller and Kurth Bartholet. These days I am learning with Daniel Perruchoud and Herbert Looser. Furthermore I am fascinated by the Aikido of Frank Doran and Hiroshi Ikeda.